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Bonded slavery, slavery passed down from one generation to the next, is an atrocity. Please take a moment to watch Aljazeera explain what is going on in Pakistan.

Nehemiah Trust Pakistan works to free people from bonded slavery in the brick kilns. The six below are at the top of their list. Nineteen people could be purchased out of slavery for $16,850; their stories are below.

  • Noor Din
    Noor Din is 47 years old, he is married to Sabiha Noor who is 40 year’s lady. Both have three children, two daughters and a son. Daughters names are Noori, Shahina and son Raza Muhammad. Noor Din is a skilled dress tailor, but he was suffering with some liver issue and due to his regular sickness, he was not able to work properly which broke his finances and they lost almost everything and finally his wife and children took some loan to save his life and the only condition was to work at brick kiln to pay back so the family started to work at Brick Kiln. Instead of slowly paying back the debt, Wife had to borrow money for husband’s hospital treatment and medicines again. Now the family has no choice rather than to work as slaves as they hardly feed themselves. Our team during a visit interviewed this family and gathered information about them first hand and come to know that until they pay 3,300$ they will have to keep working as slaves. We are trying to rescue them and help restart Noor Din small tailoring shop and help them live life with freedom.
  • Boota Allah Rakha 
    A 35 years old young man, father of a daughter and a son. He use to work in a garment factory near Hyderabad city but due to covid-19 He lost his job and could not pay house rent for 3 months. His land owner kicked him out of rented house, he was on the streets with wife and children, He met a man who offered him a job at Brick Kiln and a place to stay at brick kiln. he also gave them some cash to buy some food and groceries. Boota was totally unaware of critical situation he was being trapped into. Soon after starting to work there and meeting other people, within a day or two he realised that He and family have been trafficked into this modern slavery. They had no option bcz these people gave them place to stay also. They guy who took this family to brick kiln actually sold them into slavery and took money from the kiln owner. Now Boota and his family work 14 hours a day and still being paid so little to meet their basic needs. wife, son and daughter are also working and after some time when they wanted to leave the kiln, they were forced to stay snd sexually harassed his young wife too. Now they are slaves until 3,000$ is paid. They have no choice but to bear all this. We want to help this hard working family to come out of this situation and young send children to school.
  • Mai Jamalan 
    She is a young widow with her only son, at the death of her husband’s sudden death she borrowed money for the funeral and other house needs as she was a house wife and had no source of income at all. she started to work at brick kiln along with her son. They have been working here for about 3 years now. Our resources told that the owner forces her to marry him or pay off her loan. She is a helpless lady she tried to escape with her son but got caught and they beat her son and threaten that they may kill him if they tried to escape again. She borrowed 1400$ for her husband’s funeral etc but could not pay back on time so lender kept increasing monthly profit and now total debt is 2,250$. We are looking forward to get her and don free and enable them to start a new and respectable life soon.
  • Sana Bibi 
    Sana Bibi’s father died when she was only 7 years old. Her mother married another man who was drug addicts. Her step father took big loan money from brick kiln manager saying that I will marry my daughter with you. she was literally sold by her step father to this Brick Kiln manager as sex slave for money. She was told that you are going to work in this factory for some time and they will provide place to stay and food where She is forced to work hours a day and often being sexually abused by the brick kiln manager. When she said I don’t want to work here, He threatened her and claimed that her step father has taken money for her. Sana was only 14 years old and she refused getting married with this old man. The manager got angry and said, You Pay that debt money and go. Sana’s father sold her in 3,650$, we can save this young girl’s life by paying her debt and bring her out of darkness into light.
  • Saud Khan
    Saud Khan is 42 years male married to Hasfa Saud 36 year’s lady; they have two children. He use to work on daily wages at vegetables market, one of his young child got sick complaining stomach pain and he took him to doctor and doctor suggested few tests. He had no money so he started asking people for help. He met a person who offered him a proposal to give him money for his child medical treatment but at one condition which was to works at a Brick Kiln factory. He was completely unaware about this modern slavery. His child’s medical condition enforced him to agree and once he was trapped under the loan. The brick Kiln owner and Manager appeared as worst night mare of their lives. They enforced him to work late hours and make certain number of bricks every day. After knowing all this he tried to escape and was caught by security, they tortured him which broke his leg leaving him on the bed for sometime and said now your family will work for us, His wife started work and facing this entire situation. We can bring them out of slavery by paying 2,400 USD.
  • Nadeem Masih
    Nadeem Masih said I was born into the brick kilns slavery, my family was in debt of 2,250 USD. I started working and helping my parents at the age of 10 and the work never ended. We are expected to make 800 to 1,000 bricks per day. We work from 5 AM to till it’s dark. We never get good wages that’s why we never got money to pay back our debt and it looks like we will never to able to pay back. When I got sick for couple of days and could not meet the target and the owner called and beat me. Then they took off all my clothes in front of other workers. I begged them not to do it. They left me there for hours. I also tried to escape at night once. I padlocked my family in the house and I ran into the fields but could go far before security guards caught me. I want to go to school like many others and become a doctor to help my family and many others.



The Nehemiah Trust Pakistan Water Hand Pump Project is seeking to raise $90,000 to place 150 water hand pumps in villages across the nation of Pakistan. Access to clean water is a major cause of health issues and deaths in the country.

According to information from the project, impure water causes 40% of deaths in Pakistan annually. Around 62% of Pakistan’s urban and 84% of its rural population do not treat their water, resulting in over 100 million cases of diarrheal diseases registered in hospitals, with 40% of deaths attributed to drinking polluted water. A survey estimates that each year nearly 53,000 Pakistani children die of bacterial diarrhea from contaminated water.

Every $600 donated allows the Nehemiah Trust Pakistan to place a water hand pump in a village that will serve 80 to 100 people. To donate, visit West Plains Bank and Trust and inquire about about the Nehemiah Trust Pakistan benefit account. Learn more about the program at or contact Anthony Priest at 417-293-5954.

West Plains Rotary Clubs have contributed to supporting a well and challenge all Rotary clubs in D-6080 to contribute towards a well. Rotary International has a focus on clean water and sanitation and works to eradicate polio which is still in Pakistan; this program aligns with Rotary club initiatives.

NEHEMIAH TRUST PAKISTAN helps the impoverished people of Pakistan. Learn more at or call 417-293-5954.

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