Educational Marketing

Marketing your business by giving education information can be an effective tool that keeps customers from discarding your media. For example, the Animal Emergency Referral Center's Guide to Pet Emergencies is a pamphlet that I plan to keep forever – just in case. Although I no longer live in California, and there is little likelihood I will be returning to the Animal Emergency Referral Center in Torrance, California, I will keep this informative guide. It is a constant reminder of their business and the services they provide.

Often a business must educate their customers on when and how to use their services. This is especially true when there may be municipal ordinances. One example is a sign business that makes yard-signs for a particular community in their service area; city ordinances dictate where and how long a sign can be placed. Helping your customer know how to follow the rules or regulations pertaining to your services can be informative appreciated, and at the same time it reinforces your business name.

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