Should you need to develop curriculum for an education institution, you can adapt the syllabus provided below. 

Course Title: NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) Exam Prep Review (Management 777).

Office Hours: Available upon request.

Course DescriptionThe NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional designation (CGBP) is a nationally-recognized professional credential that demonstrates an individual’s competency in international business. Join us for this new, comprehensive course specifically designed to help individuals prepare for the CGBP exam while providing practical, real-world information on all aspects of international business.

Goals & Objectives: The objective of this course is to learn key terminology and review practices in Global Business Management, Global Marketing, Trade Finance, and Supply Chain Management, which cover the domains and threads associated with the NASBITE CBGP certification exam. The goal is to successfully prepare students to sit for the Certified Global Business Processional (CGBP) exam.

Description of Potential Audience: Global Business Professionals (or aspiring global business professionals) who want to demonstrate competency in international business; people who want merge educational knowledge with practical, real-world application covering all aspects of international business.

Recommended Course Prerequisites, If Any: 
Completed at least two years of college-level classes OR worked in the international trade field for at least two years.

Class Schedule:[list type="arrow"]

  • Class One: Introduction and Overview of the Export Development Stages
  • Class Two: Global Business Management
  • Class Three: Global Marketing
  • Class Four: Trade Finance
  • Class Five: Supply Chain Management
  • Class Six: Review and Final Exam[/list]


Grading: Course grades will be based on participation and completion of assignments as follows:[list type="arrow"]

  • 15% Class Participation
  • 60% Homework
  • 25% Final Exam[/list]


Students are expected to actively participate in classroom discussion and complete homework assignments on time.


Incomplete: The interim grade Incomplete may be assigned when a student’s work is of passing quality, but a small portion of the course requirements is incomplete for good cause (e.g. illness or other serious problem). It is the student’s responsibility to discuss with the instructor the possibility of receiving an “I” grade as opposed to a non-passing grade. The student is entitled to replace this grade by a passing grade and to receive unit credit provided they complete the remaining coursework satisfactorily, under the supervision of and in a time frame determined by the instructor in charge, but in no case later than the end of the next academic quarter. At that time, the Registrar will cause all remaining Incompletes to lapse to the grade “F”.
Note: Receiving an “I” does not entitle a student to retake all or any part of the course at a later date.

Student Behavior involving cheating, copying other’s work, and plagiarism are not tolerated and will result in disciplinary action. Students are responsible for being familiar with the information on student conduct in the education institution’s school catalog and website.