The Export Development Process

To simplify the export development process, we break down the steps into four stages—global business management, global marketing, trade finance and supply chain management. These stages coincide with the four domains of the Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) accreditation. The four stages also include the four CGBP domain threads (topics across all four domains)—documentation, legal and regulatory compliance, intercultural awareness and technology resources.



[toggle_item title="Global Business Management"]
Build Export Capacity

  1. Maximize Operational Efficiency
    • Production Processes
    • Business Practices
  2. Develop Export Readiness
    • Take Quick Assessment
    • Consult with a Trade Specialist
  3. Identify Trade Assistance Resources
    • Federal Government Assistance
    • State Government Assistance
    • Local Government Assistance
    • Non-profit/Educational Assistance
  4. Understand Cultural Protocol and Etiquette 
    • Cultural Constructs
    • Cultural Theory
  5. Know your Free Trade Agreement Partners
    • U.S. Trade Agreements
    • Regional Trade Agreements
  6. Develop Export Management and Trade Compliance Know-How
    • Business Counseling and Training
    • Export/Import Planning
    • Product Standards and Marks
    • Intercultural Awareness
    • U.S. Export Controls


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Develop International Markets

  1. Product Classification
    • Schedule B Code
    • HTS Code
  2. Industry Research
    • Largest Importers by Volume
    • Fastest Growth and Industry Trends
  3. Conduct Market Research 
    • Select Target Markets
    • Assess Market Environments (Standards, Regulations)
  4. Market Planning
    • Export Market Plan Development
    • Legal Regulations
  5. Develop Your Market Entry Strategy
    • Distribution Channels, Pricing and Promotion
    • Product/Service Localization
  6. International Marketing
    • Partner-Find Services
    • Event Venues (Trade Shows and Trade Missions)
  7. Partner Matchmaking
    • Partner Selection Checklist
    • Due Diligence (Background Checks & Credit Reports)


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Make Sales & Get Paid

  1. Issuing Export Price Quotations with Incoterms
  2. Negotiate Sales Terms
  3. Credit Analysis
  4. Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  5. Understanding Payment Methods
  6. Knowing Trade Finance & Credit Insurance Resources
    • Pre-export Financing
    • Post-export Financing
    • Export Credit Insurance



[toggle_item title="Supply Chain Management"]
Transporting the Goods

  1. Incoterms
  2. Packing & Labeling
  3. Shipping Documents & Export Licensing 
  4. Insurance
  5. Modes of Transportation
  6. Customs Clearance